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Hardwood Floor Quote

Hardwood Floor Quote in Vancouver WA by Woodfloor Masters Inc
For a fast, free, and fair hardwood floor quote, Vancouver, WA trusts Woodfloor Masters Inc. We’ve been providing Vancouver, WA with exceptional hardwood floor servicing for more than 11 years. With an A+ rating from the BBB it’s easy to see why so many residents and business owners trust our woodfloor masters for all their needs.

An Honest Hardwood Floor Quote

When it comes to a hardwood floor quote, Vancouver, WA floor owners need to know they’re getting all the required information up front. That’s where our experience truly comes into play. We take every factor into consideration when determining a job quote. Our great relationship with local wood floor providers¬†ensure our prices are always competitive. Considerations include:

  • Square Footage – One of the largest determinations of cost is the amount of floor being worked on. A larger area means greater material and labor costs. We use specific formulas to determine cost based on footage, providing you with an accurate hardwood floor quote.
  • Materials – Depending on the chosen materials, the cost of hardwood flooring can vary greatly. Whether you choose a local option like robust American Cherry Wood, an exotic wood like Brazilian Walnut, or engineered hardwood, we have¬†affordable pricing that reduces the cost of every job.
  • Labor – We know exactly what every job entails, and can determine when additional work will be needed. This gives us the ability to factor in many options and potential hazards when providing quotes. The last thing you need are surprises, and we work hard to make sure our quotes never come with an addendum.

When you go straight to the experts, you get better customer service, guaranteed craftsmanship, and a dependable hardwood floor quote for your home or business. We take great pride in our work, and the owner is on-site for every job. Call (360) 992-0972 or Contact Us today.

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