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Preventive Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

Care for your floors and they’ll care for you If you’re like a lot of people, your hardwood floors are probably the pride of your home. Nothing quite says luxury, quality and beauty like a gorgeously stained hardwood. This material is renowned for its ability to hold up to lots of foot traffic. It’s also […]

Why Go with Hardwood Floors?

Is hardwood really the best choice for my home flooring? Tastes are subjective, and for a lot of things in life there’s no one true “correct” choice for every situation. But when you consider the benefits of hardwod, you can see why it makes the ideal default choice for most areas of your home. Once […]

Bamboo Floors Vs Hardwood

How Does Bamboo Flooring Compare To Hardwood? When you are choosing the right kind of flooring, it is important to thoroughly analyze the different options and then pick what seems to be the best suited for you. Today we’re showing you the differences between bamboo and hardwood flooring. The types of flooring First of all, […]