Hardwood Floor Borders Vancouver WA

Hardwood Floor Borders

Hardwood Floor Borders Vancouver WA

One of the most creative ways to accent your hardwood flooring is with hardwood floor borders Vancouver WA homeowners use to take their floors to another level. Hardwood flooring allows for some variation in pattern. This can be bolstered through the use of medallions. Unless the grain or wood allows for colorful variation, it can be difficult to find your own personal touch in a hardwood floor.

Add the missing element your hardwood floor needs


The missing element is a border. Hardwood floor borders in Vancouver WA homes are created in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Made using thinner pieces of wood over a strong base, they allow the manufacturer to pre-create stunning boards that blend in seamlessly with your existing or new floor. These can be made to match or clash accordingly, and just some of the interesting and diverse borders we can install include:

  • Leaf and Vine Patterns
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Art Nouveau Borders
  • Nautical Themed Borders
  • Medieval-Inspired Designs
  • Lined Borders
  • Filigree Patterns
  • 3-Dimensional Shapes

Hardwood Floor Border Installation

Our team of professionals is trained and certified to install hardwood floors and borders. As a small business, we get to provide hands-on oversight that larger companies can’t. That’s why the owner/operator is on-site for every single installation. That means quality control doesn’t start with a technician, it starts with a master. Work isn’t complete until it meets the highest standards.

We can install borders in existing floors or new floors. This makes it easy to get the look you want whether or not you currently have a hardwood floor. Our technicians perform every step with your comfort in mind. That’s why we use dustless equipment for a cleaner environment during installation, and a more thorough cleanup afterward.

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There’s never been a better time to bring your hardwood floors to life. Make a room your own, make an impression on guests, and invest in your home. Call or contact us for hardwood floor borders in Vancouver, WA today!

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