Why Go with Hardwood Floors?

Is hardwood really the best choice for my home flooring?

Tastes are subjective, and for a lot of things in life there’s no one true “correct” choice for every situation. But when you consider the benefits of hardwod, you can see why it makes the ideal default choice for most areas of your home. Once you’ve got your flooring picked out, all you have to do is install it.

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Where not to use hardwood

While it’s exceptionally versatile, there is one type of room where you don’t want to put in hardwood floors. These include the restroom and kitchen. The reason for this is that these areas see a lot of moisture, which can cause hardwood floors to warp and bend over time. For these areas, something like linoleum is usually preferable. Besides that, feel free to put down hardwood floors anywhere else in the home.

The strengths and benefits of hardwood floors

Hardwood has a lot to recommend itself for use in your home. here are just a few things to consider before making your choice. When you stack up all of the evidence, the ideal option is clear.

Durability and easy repairs

Hardwood holds up to a lot of use. This includes regular foot traffic, day after day. You can put down hardwood in your mud room, living room and elsewhere. If you do happen to get a gouge in your floor this is easy to fix. All you have to do is apply some wood filler to the material. Smooth it down and when it dries your floor can be level again. Just make sure to get a brand that has cellulose fibers in it. This means that it’s basically a paste made from real wood. You can sand these types down and stain them to more closely match the color of the rest of your floor.

Common misconceptions about hardwood floors

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about hardwood floors. Some detractors present what they feel are weaknesses in hardwood design. When you really look at things, hardwood is perhaps the most attractive optipn by default.
Hardwood Medallion Washington

Myth 1: hardwood is not versatile

Just because you can get carpet in every color under the sun doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with hardwood. This material naturally comes in many shades, from nearly white to golden, brown, orange, red, black and many others. you can also get it stained however you like. if you want to add a splash of color you can always lay down an area or throw rug. Just make sure to put them over non-skid pads.

Have you heard of hardwood medallions? These are inlays made from hardwood, and fashioned into colorful designs. By using different types of wood for the various visual elements you get a lovely and striking contrast. These pieces are available in all sorts of designs, including floral, abstract, art nouveau, Celtic, Arabian, Asian and many others.

Myth 2: hardwood is not eco-friendly

To get hardwood floors you have to cut down trees, and that’s bad, right? Trees are a renewable resource, and while it’s true that in the past logging operations were sometimes irresponsible, there are now conservation regulations in place all over the world. These laws mandate how much wood an operation can take, as well as how it must replant in order to preserve ecological harmony. many logging outfits actually go beyond the bare minimum and vigorously replant forests.

One type of hardwood floor is made from bamboo. While technically a grass and not a tree, bamboo is suitable for making flooring. It comes out as smooth, hard and attractive as other forms of flooring. Best of all, bamboo grows incredibly fast and is easy to replace with virtually no environmental impact.

Consider that other resources, such as the earth and stone used to make tiles, are not renewable. once used up, they’re gone forever. Hardwood floors are actually amont the more eco-friendly options that you can choose.

Myth 3: hardwood is difficult to maintain

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Hardwood requires occasional sealing, but once you apply the top coat it becomes much more resistant to spills and stains than carpets, which readily soak up wine, pop, juice and other liquids. You can even run a vacuum over the hardwood if you want to make your cleanup go more quickly. It also takes less effort to wax and polish this type of surface than it does to apply carpet cleaner and scrub out stuck-in messes.

How to do hardwood right

if you want luxurious, practical hardwood floors, it’s easier to get them than you think. if you’ve heard that it’s tricky to install on your own, you’re not wrong. Hardwood installation is a job best left to professionals. You’re lucky to live in the northwest, though, since Woodfloor Masters, Inc is nearby. We serve from as far east as Camas, as west as Kelso and as north as Battle Ground, plus anywhere in between.

If you’ve got a remodel coming up, or of you’re just wanting to change up the look of your home, give us a call or fill out the contact form on this site. We’ll schedule a free consultation at a time that works best for you. Our experienced technicians are available for all sorts of jobs and we work at a scale that can accommodate most budgets. Once your floor is in place we can also take care of the regular maintenance or any emergency repairs. The owner supervises every job, and the members of the team have a total of decades of experience. You can have the gorgeous floors that you’ve always wanted; just give us a call today and Woodfloor Masters can make it happen.

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