Custom Floor Staining Vancouver WA

Custom Floor Staining

Custom Floor Staining in Vancouver WA by Woodfloor Masters Inc

Hardwood flooring is more than just a surface to walk on. They are a piece of your home. You want a floor to last for generations, the best way to do that is with a professionally done custom floor staining in Vancouver WA. At Woodfloor Masters Inc we give you the best in hardwood floor staining.

We understand that an owner of hardwood floors expects the best. As an important investment, the longevity of your hardwood floors can’t be overstated. They provide your home with a uniqueness that other floors just can’t match. Wood floors wear over time though, and you may want to bring them back to their original luster. No matter what kind of wood your floor is made of, we’ve got the experience and ability to provide you with incredible custom floor staining in Vancouver, WA.


Why get Custom Floor Staining?

Custom Floor Staining Vancouver WA

We know Wood Flooring – The type of wood you have for wood flooring can significantly change what you can do with it. Some wood types are tighter so stain doesn’t penetrate as well, and we know the difference. We’re extremely experienced and can adjust our custom hardwood floor staining methods to accommodate differing wood types. This means you’ll get the even, perfect stain you’re after, no matter what.
We know Prep Work – Sanding can make all the difference when it comes to hardwood flooring. Inexperienced sanders can gouge and scratch their flooring. Though it might not look like much damage beforehand, stains make these much more noticeable. With custom floor staining you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve prepped correctly, because our team of professionals handles it for you.
We know Procedure – If you use too much stain you can get bleedback. This ugly excess of stain comes out between the joined pieces of wood, and ruins the look of the hardwood flooring. If you want to correct it you have to sand the whole floor again, inviting the chance for even more problems. Our skilled professionals know exactly how much stain to use in order to avoid this problem. Many people also assume the stain is dried long before it is. They don’t realize applying finish too soon keeps it from bonding to the stain and requires starting from scratch. Our custom floor staining professionals save you misspent time, effort, and money.

Let the professionals at Woodfloor Masters Inc handle your custom hardwood floor staining in Vancouver WA. So call us today at 360-992-0972.

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