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Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation Vancouver WA

Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation

prefinished hardwood floor nstallation vancouver wa

Prefinished hardwood flooring adds a factory-applied smooth finish to each board. There are many benefits to using prefinished hardwood flooring. Having been treated in a factory means there is no dust from sanding or fumes from staining and sealant inside your home. It also eliminates the need to wait for drying. In a factory several coatings are individually sealed with ultraviolet light, giving it a harder finish. That is why Woodfloor Masters specializes in prefinished hardwood floor installation in Vancouver WA.

You Vancouver WA Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation Experts

At Woodfloor Masters all of our hardwood floor installations are done with precision and care. Having been in the Vancouver WA area for over 12 years, we have become a trusted name in everything having to do with prefinished hardwood floors. When you call or come into our stores in Vancouver, Longview, and Kelso WA, we are happy to discuss all the prefinished hardwood options.

You will want to consider the species and grade of the wood, the color of finish, at the cut. The options can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our friendly prefinished hardwood professionals have the detailed knowledge to walk you through it all. We want to make sure you will be happy with the selection you make. We take as much time as you need to go over the pros and cons of each style as well as the pricing. At Woodfloor Masters we are here for you.

Vancouver WA Installations – Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

hardwood floor installation vancouver wa
When you use Woodfloor Masters for your prefinished hardwood flooring installation, you get a full-service hardwood floor company. We guarantee our work, so from the selection to the installation, you can rest assured you will love your hardwood floor. Once installed, we will continue to be your partner in taking care of your hardwood floor. We offer suggestions for what to do and not do in your regular cleaning and upkeep. We also offer hardwood floor repair and hardwood floor refinishing if your flooring sees a lot of wear and tear traffic over the years.

We also offer hardwood floor installation in Kelso, Salmon Creek, Camas, Longview, and Battle Ground!