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Hardwood Flooring Medallions Vancouver WA

Get Custom Design Medallions for Hardwood Floors in Your Home

Hardwood Flooring Medallions Vancouver WA

For the best selection and installation of hardwood medallions in Vancouver, WA, you want Woodfloor Masters Inc. Hardwood medallions are a gorgeous and personal addition for any homeowner with solid hardwood flooring. These come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and custom patterns. Just imagine opening your front door to see a beautifully handcrafted hardwood medallion. With elegant design options and images etched from many types of wood, a hardwood medallion lends class and personality to any room you put it in. If you are planning a hardwood floor replacement or installation project, now is the perfect time to consider adding in a custom floor medallion!

We Provide Full Services for Hardwood Floor Medallions

We provide a number of excellent services that cover all your hardwood medallion needs. These include:

  • Floor Installation: Hardwood Medallions – We’ve been installing hardwood medallions with a team of incredibly skilled floor installers for over 11 years. The owner is present on every job, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. When you receive installation of your hardwood medallions from Woodfloor Masters you’ll have your choice of the highest quality hardwood medallions from Osh Kosh Designs. We can also perform custom work. Installation of medallions in existing wood flooring requires sanding and finishing to achieve a seamless consistency between the old and the new. With our expert-level skills and experience, we’re confident we can provide you with the most beautiful hardwood medallions in Vancouver, WA.
  • Repair of Hardwood Medallions – If you didn’t get your hardwood medallions installed by professionals, you may encounter floor damage problems. They may wear differently from the rest of your flooring or can even suffer breaks. At Woodfloor Masters, we know hardwood medallions. We are your one-stop solution when you need repair of any kind to your hardwood medallion. We have extensive experience working with medallions, from intricate designs to basic patterns. Let Woodfloor Masters perform your hardwood medallion repairs and get back your floor’s luster.
  • Maintenance of Hardwood Medallions – Unlike your typical flooring options, hardwood medallions are made from strips of exotic wood mounted to a ply-board backing. This gives the artist a lot of options but also means your medallion will not be able to withstand the same number of sanding and refinishing as your standard wood flooring. We offer incredibly affordable pricing and can refinish your hardwood floor medallions the right way. That way, your hardwood medallion lasts as long as you have your home.

Design Your Own Wood Medallions for Floor Inlays

As you embark on your custom wood floor medallion design journey, let your creativity run wild. The possibilities are endless, as our floor medallions come in various shapes, sizes, and floor colors. Choose from classic shapes such as round, square, oval, and rectangle or opt for something more unique like triangular shapes. With the flexibility to create custom shapes and sizes, you can truly make distinctive floors that are one-of-a-kind. Our floor medallions are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a quality finished product that will last for years. Let’s work together to create a design inlay that is a stunning focal point for your home that showcases your unique personal style.

Trust Woodfloor Masters with Your Custom Floor Medallions

For anyone looking to upgrade their home with beautiful hardwood, Woodfloor Masters is a clear choice. Our team of flooring craftsmen not only provides top-quality medallion hardwood floors, but we also offer reliable hardwood flooring installation and care services that you can trust. As a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Lower Columbia Contractors Association, we take great pride in our reputation and always strive for perfection with each project we take on. We value customer satisfaction, so with our owner personally overseeing every job site, you can rest assured that every detail is executed with precision and finesse. Trust us to bring your vision to life with the very best in professionalism and attention to detail! We offer an extensive selection of wood species you can choose from for your custom floors. Contact us today to get started on your next medallion floor project.

Common Hardwood Flooring Questions

What is hardwood flooring?
Hardwood flooring refers to a type of flooring made from natural wood boards that are milled from a single piece of timber.
What are the advantages of hardwood flooring?
Some advantages of hardwood flooring include its durability, timeless beauty, easy maintenance, and the ability to be refinished multiple times.
How long does hardwood flooring typically last?
With proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring can last for several decades and even up to a century.
Can hardwood flooring be installed in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms?
Traditional hardwood flooring is not recommended for high-moisture areas, but there are moisture-resistant options like engineered hardwood that can be installed in bathrooms.
How do I choose the right type of hardwood flooring for my home?
Consider factors like wood species, plank width, finish, and your lifestyle requirements when selecting hardwood flooring for your home.