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Hardwood Floor Installation Vancouver WA

Hardwood Floor Installation

Having your hardwood flooring installed properly is the most important part of having a great looking floor that lasts a lifetime. Our Professional hardwood floor installation experts here at Woodfloor Masters Inc specialize in 100% REAL hardwood floors. We specialize in REAL Swedish finishes which offer the best protection by drying faster, being stronger and is more durable than other finishes.

Important things to consider when selecting your flooring:

Species of Flooring, Grade of wood, Color of finish, Width of wood, Cut of wood. Take a look at some of the examples below for some ideas of how the different species of wood look. The finish you choose whether water based or solvent based will also affect the final color of the wood and will often bring out many of the woods unique characteristics. We also Replace Existing Floor Coverings!

Typical Types of Hardwood Floors:


White Ash
Australian Cypress
Douglas Fir
Brazilian Cherry
Oak (Red)
Oak (White)
Pine (Antique Heart)
Pine (Southern Yellow)
American Cherry

Grades of Hardwood Floor:

Clear – Clear wood is free of defects, it may contain minor imperfections. Select – Select wood is almost clear, but contains some natural characteristics such as knots and color variations. First – First-grade wood has the bet appearance, natural color variations and limited character marks. Second – Second-grade wood is variegated in appearance with varying sound wood characteristics of species. Third – Third-grade wood is rustic in appearance allowing all wood characteristics of the species.

Width of Wood:

Hardwood flooring comes in several different widths which all give a slightly different appearance. The wider the wood is the more opportunity for expansion and contraction, which means wider cracks can develop in a 5″ width board and smaller cracks develop in a 2 1/4″ board. Its normal for cracks to develop in winter when the floor gets dried out from the heat required to keep your house warm. Typical Width cuts are:

  • 2 1/4″
  • 3″
  • 3 1/4″
  • 4″
  • 5″


Cut of Hardwood:

  • Plainsawn – Plainsawn is the most common cut. The board contains more variation than the other two cuts because grain patterns resulting from the growth rings are more obvious.
  • Quartersawn – Quartersawing produces fewer board feet per log than plainsawing and is therefore more expensive. Quartersawn wood twists and cups less and wears more evenly.
  • Riftsawn – Riftsawn is similar to quartersawing, but the cut is made at a slightly different angle and is a great option if you’re looking for a specific look.

We also provide hardwood floor installation in Camas, Longview, Salmon Creek, and Kelso!