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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Longview WA

Why buy new when you can refinish?

The finish on your hardwood flooring is designed to protect it. It isn’t meant to be permanent and wears away over time. This can cause damage and discoloration to your flooring. The best solution is professional hardwood floor refinishing in Longview WA from Woodfloor Masters Inc.

What are the dangers of amateur refinishing?

As refinishing experts, we’ve seen the damage amateurs can do. Whether it’s caused by a homeowner trying to save some money or an inexperienced company, refinishing mistakes are costly. There just isn’t room to make them. Over-sanding can remove too much wood. That can leave a brand new floor as your only option. Our sanding process is 98% dust free. When a company doesn’t use the right equipment it can spread sawdust all over your home. High standards are necessary, and those are the only standards we follow.

Our refinishing process

  1. We sand your floor using special sanders that capture 98% of the dust. This serves two purposes. Choosing a dustless method strips any remaining finish from your floor. Sanding also smooths out any minor warping that may have occurred from board settling, expansion, and shrinkage.
  2. We refinish your floor with our strong and durable Swedish finish. The manufacturer recommends 2 coats of Swedish finish. We want to give you the longest lasting hardwood floor in Longview, WA. That’s why we use 3 coats of finish. This provides maximum protection. Our hardwood floor recoating services are completed professionaly and to the highest standard.

Contact us today!

Before you even think of hardwood floor installation, contact us. We’re happy to determine if refinishing can be performed and let you know just how much you’ll save. Our owner and operator is on-site for every job to make sure every floor is refinished to our high standards. Get better refinishing, get local refinishing—call or contact us today.

Refinishing Quick Facts:

Wood flooring finishes come in several different types:

Oil-modified urethane provides an easy application. It is a solvent based polyurethane. A quick dry time of 8 hours leaves behind an amber color.

Swedish finish is very durable and dries with a slight amber. These finishes should be professionally applied and have a very strong odor.

Water-based urethane won’t yellow and dry clear. They dry fully in as little as 3 hours and do not have a strong odor.

Penetrating stain and wax soak into hardwood pores. This leaves a strong, hardened protective layer behind. Wax gives a satiny sheen with a low gloss.

Whether you need refinishing, repair, or hardwood floor installation in Longview, call us first!