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Hardwood Medallions Vancouver WA

Hardwood Medallions


For the best selection and installation of hardwood medallions in Vancouver, WA you want Woodfloor Masters Inc. Hardwood medallions are a gorgeous and personal addition for any homeowner with hardwood flooring. These come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and patterns. Just imagine opening your front door to see a beautifully handcrafted hardwood medallion. With designs and images etched from many types of wood a hardwood medallion lends class and personality to any room you put it in.

Your Complete Hardwood Medallion Solution

We provide a number of excellent services that cover all your hardwood medallion needs. These include:


  • Installation: Hardwood Medallions – We’ve been installing hardwood medallions with a team of incredibly skilled floor installers for over 11 years. The owner is present on every job, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. When you receive installation of your hardwood medallions from Woodfloor Masters you’ll have your choice of the highest quality hardwood medallions from Osh Kosh Designs. We can also perform custom work. Installation of medallions in existing wood flooring requires sanding and finishing to achieve a seamless consistency between the old and the new. With our expert level skills and experience, we’re confident we can provide you with the most beautiful hardwood medallions in Vancouver, WA.
  • Repair of Hardwood Medallions – If you didn’t get your hardwood medallions installed by professionals, you may encounter problems. They may wear differently from the rest of your flooring or can even suffer breaks. At Woodfloor Masters we know hardwood medallions. We are your one-stop solution when you need repair of any kind to your hardwood medallion. We have extensive experience working with medallions, from intricate designs to basic patterns. Let Woodfloor Masters perform your hardwood medallion repairs and get back your floors luster.
  • Maintenance of Hardwood Medallions – Unlike your typical flooring, hardwood medallions are made of strips of exotic wood mounted to a ply-board backing. This gives the artist a lot of options, but also means your medallion will not be able to withstand the same number of sanding and refinishing as your standard wood flooring. We offer incredibly affordable pricing and can refinish your hardwood floor medallions the right way. That way your hardwood medallion lasts as long as you have your home.

We are also available when you need hardwood flooring in Longview and Kelso!