Hardwood Flooring Vancouver WA

Hardwood Flooring Vancouver WA
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Gene & Linda’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: Polite, courteous, and professional. All the way!

Review: Woodfloor Masters installed hardwood floors in two rooms of our house. They were wonderful – very couterous, polite, professional, and cleaned up after themselves. We love them!

Reviewed By: Gene & Linda F.

Review Date: 29 May 2012

Reviewer Location: Woodland, WA

Joe & Carol’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: Turned out to be more than expected!

Review: It was a new wood that Woodfloor Masters had never ordered for us before. It came in, they did a great job, and it turned out great! They were really impressed with the material, on their end. On our end, it turned out to be more than we expected! We found Woodfloor Masters through our contractor.

Reviewed By: Joe & Carol M.

Review Date: 23 May 2012

Reviewer Location: Beaverton, WA

Ken’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: They did a great job. Highly recommend.

Review: Woodfloor Masters sanded, refinished, and stained my floors. They look great. They completed the job in a timely fashion and they did a great job, just as I expected.

Reviewed By: Ken K.

Review Date: 21 May 2012

Reviewer Location: Vancouver, WA

Antony’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: woodfloor masters provided responsive professional service with high quality work

Review: We had a complicated job that required both new flooring and refinishing of existing flooring. David helped us develop a strategy that enabled us to “save” the majority of our existing flooring while cutting in new flooring that was indistinguishable from the old flooring. His team also worked around other work that was going on in the remodel keeping the workplace organized and avoiding chaos. David and his workers did all of this at a reasonable price that was exactly what he quoted! We were most impressed with his response to our phone calls and questions – we never had to wait long to get in touch with him. You will not be unhappy with David’s work – he wouldn’t allow it.

Reviewed By: antony c.

Review Date: 21 May 2012

Reviewer Location: Vancouver, WA

Pauline’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: Very happy with wood floor masters. Has been recommending to friends and neightbors and family.

Review: Woodfloor masters came to install hardwood floors in my house. I got a total of 6 quotes and David had the best price. Ricky, Shawn and David all were very nice and did a great job on my floor. It’s beautiful and we are very pleased with how it looks.I highly recommend Woodfloor Masters!

Reviewed By: Pauline W.

Review Date: 08 Dec 2011

Reviewer Location: Vancouver, WA

Eric’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: Dependable, quality workmanship – a pleasure to do business with

Review: We had several contractors bid on our living room/stairs woodfloor conversion project. Woodfloor-Masters gave us a reasonable price, but more importantly gave us the confidence they could deliver. And they did exactly what they promised – when they promised. They put down a beautiful floor/stairs and minimized our inconvenience. They were professional, courteous and hardworking. Highly recommended.

Reviewed By: Eric H.

Review Date: 16 Nov 2011

Reviewer Location: Battle Ground, WA

Donna’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: We would totally recommend them!

Review: The people at Woodfloor Masters were right on time. The first day they needed to come out and make measurements, however, they were late because their previous job went overtime. They called us right away and let us know that. We have an old, old floor, about 45 years old, which has been covered with carpet for about 35 years. We wanted to put it back to bare flooring again, so we contacted Woodfloor Masters. I had looked up Woodfloor Masters in the phone book. I called for about three bids, but the other companies didn’t show up! So we went with Woodfloor Masters. We would totally recommend Woodfloor Masters!

Reviewed By: Donna F.

Review Date: 02 Nov 2011

Reviewer Location: Vancouver, WA

Lynn’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: I like their work, and their personable staff.

Review: I’ve used Woodfloor Masters in two different locations that I have, both work and home. I like their work, and their personable staff. It all worked out well.

Reviewed By: Lynn R.

Review Date: 22 Sep 2011

Reviewer Location: Vancouver, WA

Roy’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: They took pride in what they did.

Review: Woodfloor Masters service is at the top of the list. David was very, very personable and accommodating. I have recommended him many times, as many people have called, and several have even come by to see the work. My son had him do work after, and my neighbor had him do work after too. For my job, David came by and checked all the wood. He was supposed to install in all then, but when he checked it with his meter there was too much moisture to do the installation right then. He back after a few days and finished the job, instead of just jumping in and installing it, because he took pride in what he did.

Reviewed By: Roy P.

Review Date: 29 Aug 2011

Reviewer Location: Woodland, WA

Ken’s Review: 5/5 Stars

Summary: Excellent.

Review: The guys from Woodfloor Masters were very helpful and knowledgeable. They refinished our main hardwood floors, downstairs in the house. They did a very good job.

This was my first time using Woodfloor Masters. The were referred by a neighbor, and were wonderful to work with. They not only did quality work, but they also moved furniture for me because I had a bad back at the time. I really appreciated the extra help. If I needed more floor work in the future, I would absolutely use Woodfloor Masters again.

Reviewed By: Ken T.

Review Date: 23 Aug 2011

Reviewer Location: Camas, WA