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Are There Any Scratch-Resistant Hardwood Flooring Options? 

Hardwood floors can be beautiful additions to any home and offer a classy finish that many homeowners love. However, they can be tough to maintain, especially if you have pets in the house. Dogs will claw at the hardwood floor at any opportunity they get to compromise its beautiful appearance. So, if you’re planning to install hardwood flooring in your home, you might be wondering if there are any hardwood flooring options that are scratch-resistant. We will discuss this in the post below.

What hardwood floors can I choose from?

There are many options available when it comes to choosing hardwood floors. They range in price, durability, and style, so you can find one that suits your home perfectly. If you’re searching for scratch-resistant flooring options, some of the most popular types include:

Brazilian maple

Brazilian maple is universally recognized for its beauty. It’s incredibly durable and can resist scratches from pets’ claws or dragging items such as furniture legs. The best part about this hardwood floor is that it comes with a wide range of color options, allowing you to select one that matches your home perfectly.

Engineered flooring

Another practical wood flooring option is engineered. These floors are designed to be scratch-resistant and can last for years without showing signs of damage or wear. Engineered hardwood floors are just as beautiful as natural wood options but lack the scratches that regular hardwood flooring is prone to.

Hard maple

Hard maple is a beautiful flooring choice that’s both rustic and durable. It can come in a wide range of shades, from light blonde to dark red, making it easy for you to select an option that matches your preferences.

Cherry wood

Cherry hardwood has been used in homes for centuries because of its stunning design and durability. It’s also one of the more popular options for those looking for scratch-resistant flooring that will last years without deterioration in appearance.

Red oak

Red oak is a popular choice because it’s one of the most durable and low-maintenance varieties. It can resist scratches and scrapes from pets, furniture, and other household items that damage your ordinary flooring.


Bamboo flooring is another practical option because it’s durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain. It also comes in a wide range of shades and offers a spectacular finish to suit your interior space.

What can I do to keep my hardwood flooring from scratching?

While installing scratch-resistant flooring might be the ultimate solution to your concerns, there are certain things you can do to maintain the sleek look of your floors. Remember to:

Clean your floors regularly

Regularly sweeping and moping your floors discourages the build-up of dust and grit, which ends up scratching the hardwood. Also, make sure you use the right kind of mop and cleaning agent to avoid undesirable marks and blemishes.

Protect your floors with rugs or mats

It’s not always possible for pets to stay off the hardwood floors since they love racing around through open spaces without any obstructions in their path. However, putting rugs and mats down in front of key entry points will help prevent them from scratching your floor.

Use protective padding under the legs of your sofas or chairs

Many homeowners forget to use protective pads when they have hardwood floors, which leads to unsightly scratches and scuffs all over their flooring. If you’re using a lot of heavy furniture on your wood floors, it’s always best to place some padding underneath the legs of your furniture, so your new floor is protected from exposed nails when you have to move the furniture.

Avoid spiky shoes

Spiky shoes are something that many homeowners don’t realize is the cause of scratch marks on the hardwood flooring. If you love wearing stilettos or high heels around your home, make sure you wear them only in areas away from your wood floors.

Use coasters

When drinking hot beverages around your home, it’s always best to place coasters underneath the cups or mugs. This is especially true for hardwood floors because heat can cause nasty damage that will deface your new flooring.

Avoid using cleaners with strong chemical ingredients

Many homeowners forget to check the ingredients in their cleaning agents when cleaning the floor surface. Some of these have a harmful chemical combination that reacts with the hardwood floor’s surface in undesirable ways if used too often.

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Which hardwood is the most scratch-resistant flooring?

Cherry and Red Oak are two of the most scratch-resistant flooring options. Cherry has a very fine grain that you’ll find easy to look at. It’s also known as being extremely durable with minimal staining or fading over time. Red oak is another popular choice because it stands up well to use and remains beautiful over time.

What is the best way to keep my hardwood floors looking shiny?

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your wood floors will help you maintain their beauty for years into the future, but other things can cause damage if not correctly taken care of. For instance, please avoid using any cleaners that contain strong chemicals because they can cause more harm than good over time and reduce the lifespan and beauty of your news floors.

Is hardwood flooring worth it?

Hardwood flooring is an excellent investment as it provides beauty and value to your home. You can easily find high-quality hardwoods to match any style or decor, offering you the perfect solution for injecting more character into your abode!

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Are There Any Scratch-Resistant Hardwood Flooring Options? 

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