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How To Take Care of Your Hardwood Floor

Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floor: Tips From the Pros

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If you have a hardwood floor in your home, you need to be well-versed in the art of taking care of it. Until and unless you succeed in the right maintenance and you take the right steps, you won’t be able to retain the shine and perfectness of your hardwood floor.

Be it regular dusting or recoating hardwood floors, we are here to be your ultimate guide. This article will familiarize you with all the key steps that can help you keep your hardwood floor new, as always. So, are you all set to grasp the key pointers?

1. Regular dusting

Remember, there are no shortcuts to cleaning. It is really important that you pay ample heed to regular cleaning. Every day, there may be a thousand germs, microbes, pet hair, and even allergens that tend to accumulate on the wooden floor. It is your responsibility to dust them off because if you let them pile up day after day, it is only going to be much more difficult for you to remove them. Dust tends to gather very quickly, and we recommend using microfiber cloths as opposed to brooms because these clothes are known to be much more effective.

They tend to bind to dust particles, allergens and other substances and are also known to be a safer choice as they won’t cause any kind of unwanted scratches on the surface of the floor.
If you choose to dust your hardwood floor daily with the help of a microfiber mop, it is going to help you keep the floor new as before.

2. Treading lightly

What is the point of moping the floor if people tend to stomp on the floor with their dirty shoes all the time? Ideally, you should have a policy of no outside shoes inside the home. Yes, you can have plush slippers or other comfy ones for home, but even then, we totally recommend being sure that you tread lightly.

Hardwood floors, when used in corporate offices or shops, will be prone to much more dirt because people don’t walk barefoot or with plush slippers there. Wearing outside shoes might be a norm but try your best to make sure that people tread lightly. The harder you stomp with your shoes on the floor, the more damage and dirt are likely to get attracted to it.

A smart solution to handle this problem is to have an excellent doormat outside the room. This way, people can rub the dirt off their soles before they enter the room.

High heels are known to do a lot of damage to the flooring as well. This is the reason whatever you can avoid, you should do so. For the rest, keep the door mats at the entrance and regularly clean them so their ability to capture the dirt and dust off people’s shoes stays on point.

3. Vacuum weekly

Despite regular cleaning, there is a need to vacuum the floor at least once a week. Doing this will have multiple benefits to offer. Sometimes there are dust particles that tend to get stuck to the floor, and they may not go away even with regular cleaning. By choosing to use a vacuum cleaner, you can successfully get rid of this hard-to-remove dirt and debris.

However, make it a point never to use the vacuum with a beater bar attachment because this can be very harmful to your hardwood floor and may leave quite a handful of scratches on it as well.

4. Use blinds often

It is a common fact that sunlight has an adverse impact on hard floors. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight and even heat can discolor the hardwood floors. This is why you should try and keep the blinds down when the heat is too severe. At the same time, if you are using rugs and furniture, try to shuffle their position from time to time. This is important or else the discoloration would be uneven, and some parts of your floor would look to be of a different shade than the rest.

5. Recoating Hardwood Floors

Caring For Your Hardwood Floors Vancouver WA

When it comes to maintaining the shine and novelty of your hardwood floors, it is best advised to opt for recoating hardwood floors once in a while. Doing this gets back the glaze and the shine and helps make your home look new life before.

Yes, this could entail quite an expense, but when you choose the best company that is equipped to offer the best recoating and polishing at budget rates, you will be able to justify the expenses.

How The Pros Handle Hardwood Floor Maintenance

You can check out Woodfloor Masters Inc as they are one of the companies that have been helping many people maintain their hardwood floors for a long time. They are aware of the nuances of hardwood cleaning, polish, and even recoating, and it is their budget prices that make them a choice to be reckoned with.

So, if you are willing to pay heed to these points and opt for regular care and maintenance of your hardwood floor, you might be able to save a great deal of money that would otherwise be spent when working on new flooring.

When it comes to your home, office or even a shop, the kind of maintenance which a floor has assumes gargantuan importance. If the flooring is not perfect, you won’t enjoy walking on it, and thereby, it takes off the sheen from your home.

So, you should be meticulous when it comes to the choice of flooring. Once done, you should spend the right amount of time taking care of it. If, owing to your busy schedule, you are unable to do so, you should make it a point to hire a professional for the task, as some companies also offer professional hardwood floor care and maintenance services too.

However, with just a little effort and care, you should be able to maintain these floors in a befitting manner. No doubt, you are going to love it when the floors would shine and glow even years after you had them installed.

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How To Take Care of Your Hardwood Floor

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